an exercise in exploring complexity and tension


Now that we’ve taken the time to define a library of example missions, stakeholders, daily work, and contexts, let’s reflect upon our results. Below, you will see a random collection of two items someone submitted for each of the nodes. Look them over and consider them in conversation with each other. Do you notice any inherent tensions or conflicts between or among what is listed? If so, note your refelction in the form below. When you submit it, a new collection will appear. If you don’t notice anything worth recording, you can refresh the page and try again. 


PSU’s mission is to educate students in ways that encourage the four habits of mind and prepare them to succeed in today’s rapidly changing workplace, engage in research to create new knowledge and avenues of inquiry that are shared within academia and beyond, and partner with communities, business, and organizations in NH’s North Country to improve quality of life in our region.

Set the seeds for a transformative experience in education.


Employees: Plymouth State University employees include faculty, staff, graduate assistants, and student employees. All individuals contribute to the University in unique ways, but are alike in that their contributions are compensated by the University

The local and regional community, which includes Plymouth, Grafton county, the North Country, the state of New Hampshire and northern regions of Vermont and Maine. The community encompasses prospective students, their families, community members, businesses, and non-profits who are invested in the vitality of this community and region. The community depends on the university to provide opportunities, facilities, and services to fill needs in our region.

Daily Work

Build a sustainable university that provides a 21st century learning environment connected with the challenges of the region and the future and creating scholars that have high impact.

Students: acquire knowledge Faculty: educate students Administration: provide leadership and management Staff: support the structure


The larger frameworks and environments that impact our university. This includes: – Competing for students with other higher education offerings – Students not going to college – Declining #s of students (demographic issue) – Political and financial support in decline – Declining public support (parents questioning the value of college) — we will focus on this

PSU operates within the scope of a shrinking budget from state funding and a growing hesitancy of attending higher education because of a growing student debt problem.