Category: Reflection

  • Wicked Tension: 114

    Select people versus the words of the all those involved are at odds. Expenses exceeding revenues is an issue.

  • Wicked Tension: 113

    It is a tough issue. How to get things done with much constrained resource…

  • Wicked Tension: 112

    Don’t see anything about students as collaborators in the learning. Some comments reflect students “finding agency” but millennial want “choices. How do we articulate that and provide that? No mention of arts, creativity . . . Many narratives reflect the perspective of faculty/staff. Not certain the students really want what we are serving.

  • Wicked Tension: 111

    Daily work – “sustainable university” tension and complexity relates to the interpretation of sustainable. Are we talking financially as an institution? as stewards of cultural diversity? stewards of our local and global environment.

  • Wicked Tension: 110

    Interesting connections between the stresses of student debt among declining demographics and amongst in-state institutions. This is also in context of our particular role as a PUBLIC university and our commitment to the state, it’s students, tour communities. If our state is getting “smaller,@ how can we leverage our public role to continue to support […]

  • Wicked Tension: 109

    Context USNH programs should merge.

  • Wicked Tension: 106

    Who are our students? How should our teaching be calibrated? Tension in definitions between our daily work (work focus on “young people” in one definition) and the context – more and more of our students are non-traditional, in one sense or another, as described in one definition.