Category: Reflection

  • Wicked Tension: 124

    The Mission states that our goal is to educate students in a way that prepares them for a complex world. This focus on students is only briefly mentioned in the majority of the other categories and the majority of definitions focus solely on the image of the university and how to market PSU to students, […]

  • Wicked Tension: 123

    Context: limited control of state funding makes the issue of sustainability much more complex.

  • Wicked Tension: 122

    Tension in defining our stakeholders. Complexity in providing the broader context of the university (Party School consideration vs. a teaching prep school).

  • Wicked Tension: 121

    Context – We are a very white college with a mission to enroll more students of color. But how do we support these students once they are here on campus? How do we encourage that sense of belonging so that they want to stay and complete their degree here?

  • Wicked Tension: 120

    Given the mission and daily work required of faculty it is almost impossible to provide new and innovative ideas to attract the ever dwindling student population. Being overworked and underpaid and striving for success all at once.

  • Wicked Tension: 119

    Mission node: conflicting ideas on whether our primary institutional mission is to serve our students or to serve our region.

  • Wicked Tension: 118

    the need to teach lifelong learners to figure out how to overcome the complex problems we face while some devalue higher education as a whole due to graduates not being able to have a better wealth potential than those who did not attend college

  • Wicked Tension: 117

    Mission–Tension between outcomes for individuals (output) and role of university in absorbing needs of public (input). Stakeholders–Partial tension between graduates who are teachers and citizen-taxpayers, but overlap in that citizens depend on the university’s success in creating new professionals to serve the community, which includes teachers.

  • Wicked Tension: 116

    We are a largely homogeneous community of faculty and staff who are increasingly working with a more diverse student population than in years past.

  • Wicked Tension: 115

    The need to create transformative educational experiences is in tension with the devaluing of intellectual activity and teachers, the decline of college-age adults within the state of NH, and the struggle of the university to sustain itself.