Category: Reflection

  • Wicked Tension: 145

    Stakeholders: “who support* the school through taxes and depend upon graduates of the university to fulfill a variety of public and private roles in the local and state communities.” and “Taxpayers: Though NH is among the lowest funders of higher education in the United States, a tiny amount of each taxpayer’s bill goes to USNH, […]

  • Wicked Tension: 143

    Our current context requires us to heavily recruit and attempt to retain often first generation, rural students who may or may not have the financial means or life experiences to succeed and stay at PSU. Our retention efforts often cause financial hardship for our students who will live with debt for decades.

  • Wicked Tension: 144

    Context: my result included natural beauty among other things, tho I think this is an important asset to focus on within context. This has been and can continue to be a draw for folks to come here to study. There could also be improved efforts to use the natural environment to draw students and to […]

  • Wicked Tension: 142

    Theme: Money A through line of all eight responses that I looked at revolved around money. This suggests that a key focus of the university is money, which is in line with everything that we have heard over the past few years. I was surprised that nothing beyond the missions even mentioned educating students. This […]

  • Wicked Tension: 141

    Mission: the community may not see the value of experiential/project based learning which may exacerbate negative views of higher education Students: What may be best for the student stakeholder, may not reflect the financial stakeholders perspectives. Daily Work: nodes shown only reflect staff issues. Faculty daily work definition is different. Context: no tensions

  • Wicked Tension: 140

    I notice a possible tension between language like “provide” students and “expose” students (students as passive objects/recipients of education, as product/experience) in mission statement language, and the prioritizing of student voice/agency inferred in “listen to students.”

  • Wicked Tension: 139

    Friction between focus on imparting specific knowledge needed for future careers and the need to give students a broad experience that utilizes multiple disciplines

  • Wicked Tension: 138

    Our expenses exceed our revenues and our mission is to provide a well-rounded education that will help students navigate our ever-changing world. Without the resources for professional experiences, scholarship, and continued training as well as resources to adequately staff our university, it is impossible to pursue this mission in an effective way.

  • Wicked Tension: 137

    We are looking to offer students an educational experience like no other, though our transformative cluster model and producing life long learners. However the current cost of education, low state support, and crushing student debt can make it hard for students to come to our University in first place or stay for 4 years. Even […]

  • Wicked Tension: 136

    In the stakeholders section, one node indicated that students, faculty, and staff were all stakeholders who got something out of the university. The other node only mentioned teaching lecturers and the struggle to pay off their own debt which seems short sighted and non inclusive in terms of those who have a stake in the […]