Category: Reflection

  • Wicked Tension: 175

    Tension between “pure scholarship” and vocational preparation.

  • Wicked Tension: 174

    Tension between student preparation for the 21st Century, cost, applicable student experiences, transferable knowledge, and cost.

  • Wicked Tension: 173

    The Healthcare Industry in the US is devouring everything, and is unsustainable.

  • Wicked Tension: 172

    We discussed the ongoing tension between some students wanting narrow “career skills” versus the university’s desire to teach broader learning skills and mindsets (like problem solving, team work, etc)

  • Wicked Tension: 171

    The shortage of funding is juxtaposed with the mission to provide an excellent and well-rounded relevant education. If we are unable to inspire NH natives to remain in the state to put their education into practice, we will continue a sad trend that is draining our state of its youthful energy, innovation, and spirit.

  • Wicked Tension: 170

    The mission of transformative education is in tension with the incredible amount of daily work that is not focused around teaching!

  • Wicked Tension: 169

    #1, Mission: One mission statement discusses engagement with the White Mountain community, the other notes a mission to expose students to different perspectives. Most of our students are either from the area, or at the very least very familiar with the area. #2: The local community does have a vested interest in the success of […]

  • Wicked Tension: 168

    Conflict/tension between our mission (to serve the local community and the north country of NH) and our context (need to search for students out of state to combat decreasing enrollment and local demographics of an aging and decreasing population). There is also a tension within our mission, of striving to prepare students for a global […]

  • Wicked Tension: 165

    Tension between the need to do innovative work that encourages independent, critical thinkers and the lack of funding and resources available.

  • Wicked Tension: 166

    Context – There is a complexity in that our community has enlarged and as we provide more opportunities in a larger region we face the possibility of losing students to a greater area as opposed to the earlier years with a more insulated population.