an exercise in exploring complexity and tension


Set the seeds for a transformative experience in education.

Our mission is to provide a well-rounded education to provide students the ability to be agile and informed in an ever changing and complex world.

One of the few opportunities that students have to be exposed to different perspectives, lifestyles, world views, and people that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Helping students see that not everyone thinks the same way, etc.

Come up with good citizens, who are ready to step into the world with knowledge acquired.

That we have students leave with a means to sustain themselves. That they are content in their vocation, and feel that they are adding to society or humanity as a whole. Ut prosim.

The PSU mission is to encourage independent, critical thinkers that will work collaboratively within the 21st century global world.

Help our students understand their own agency and become active participants in their world.