Category: Mission

  • Mission 605

    Mission: Plymouth State University inspires, prepares and empowers learning participants to be educated, engaged and productive citizens through transdisiplinary education and collaborative work.

  • Mission 546

    We educate students to be open to diverse ways of thinking, acting, and being in the world to start becoming the fullest human beings they can be, to live with intention, critical and reflective thinking, and substantial contributions upon to the world.

  • Mission 512

    Create intellectually curious people who can appreciate and challenge different perspectives to engage each other and communities to collaborate and make progress.

  • Mission 508

    The mission is to educate and prepare students for life outside of the educational system. Providing them with the critical thinking and social skills to approach every day life with an understanding of the world around them. Our mission is to mold our students into intelligent and socially responsible members of society that leave everything […]

  • Mission 502

    To provide students with education and experiences that enhance their understanding of and engagement in our complex, changing environment and society. To act as a leader and role model in stewardship and sustainability. To provide service to and engage with external partners that are working to enhance our state.

  • Mission 470

    Inspiring, preparing and empowering (learners) participants to be educated, engaged and productive citizens.

  • Mission 438

    PSU’s mission is to educate students in ways that encourage the four habits of mind and prepare them to succeed in today’s rapidly changing workplace, engage in research to create new knowledge and avenues of inquiry that are shared within academia and beyond, and partner with communities, business, and organizations in NH’s North Country to […]

  • Mission 428

    Educating the public about the value of an institution of higher education to the larger community.

  • Mission 410

    The university as a public institution has an obligation to listen to the needs of the state and the region, and serve the public good. What is the cultural value of our institution?

  • Mission 404

    Educate students so they are prepared to navigate a complex world. Equip students with our institutional value: that I may serve.