Daily Work

Develop marketing materials to promote the University’s strengths and location to prospective students. Find new exciting ways to attract the attention of our audience, study our population and determine what populations to market to over others. Decide which marketing endeavors to pursue over others, they can’t all be done.

Administrative work to support three departments that support the overall well-being and success of our students. Supervise student employees to assist them in building career skills and provide mentoring to help guide them on their unique path.

I am responsible for reviewing for accuracy and processing financial transactions that are submitted to our Financial Service Area. In doing so I am helping to keep Plymouth State University financially solvent.

Build a sustainable university that provides a 21st century learning environment connected with the challenges of the region and the future and creating scholars that have high impact.

Daily work is processing accounts payable transactions.

Daily work is processing accounts payable transactions while remaining fiscally responsible to the budget constraints and parameters set by the State of New Hampshire and the PSU Board of Trustees.

We provide students with daily campus recreation activities to encourage a healthy lifestyle and community involvement which will help them grow as individuals in future endeavors.

Students: acquire knowledge
Faculty: educate students
Administration: provide leadership and management
Staff: support the structure

Creating work that intrigues prospective young people to look at PSU as a destination for learning by marketing the unique strengths and benefits.

We engage students in meaningful educational experiences both on campus and off-campus with local and regional partners to develop competencies that will allow our students to thrive in their lives post graduation.

We Support faculty, staff, and students through training, documenting, and communication academic technology.