Wicked Tension: 169

#1, Mission: One mission statement discusses engagement with the White Mountain community, the other notes a mission to expose students to different perspectives. Most of our students are either from the area, or at the very least very familiar with the area.

#2: The local community does have a vested interest in the success of the university, though since many of these benefits are indirect the community doesn’t always perceive them. In addition, we have to acknowledge that having a university, while a net benefit, does impose some costs on the local community that can generate unfriendly attitudes.

#3: Daily work: no inherent tensions, except that the university does have limited resources.

#4: Plymouth State does get a fairly small % of its budget from the State of New Hampshire, requiring us to rely more heavily on student tuition and fees. Given that college applicants are increasingly (and wisely) cost conscious, this harmful to PSU’s ability to recruit the out-of-state students. Obviously bad for the university, and bad in the classroom since the interaction of in- and out- of state students does promote the exchange of different viewpoints and experiences.

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