Wicked Tension: 145

Stakeholders: “who support* the school through taxes and depend upon graduates of the university to fulfill a variety of public and private roles in the local and state communities.” and “Taxpayers: Though NH is among the lowest funders of higher education in the United States, a tiny amount of each taxpayer’s bill goes to USNH, making the taxpayers of NH (especially property owners) at least technically stakeholders. ”

THIS IS THE CRUX!! NH support for Higher Ed is the lowest in the nation . . . and NH has a problem with its young people leaving the state for employment . . . and we have an aging population. PSU must find a way for the citizens of NH to see value in what we offer – the public good of Higher Education. Our outreach must reflect the work we are doing with students and FOR the citizens. PSU Needs to do a better job communicating our value not only to the legislature but to the communities and citizens we serve. Ut Prosim means service – and that service is not evident to the citizens of the state.

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