an exercise in exploring complexity and tension


Now that we’ve taken the time to define a library of example missions, stakeholders, daily work, and contexts, let’s reflect upon our results. Below, you will see a random collection of two items someone submitted for each of the nodes. Look them over and consider them in conversation with each other. Do you notice any inherent tensions or conflicts between or among what is listed? If so, note your refelction in the form below. When you submit it, a new collection will appear. If you don’t notice anything worth recording, you can refresh the page and try again. 


PSU’s mission is to educate students in ways that encourage the four habits of mind and prepare them to succeed in today’s rapidly changing workplace, engage in research to create new knowledge and avenues of inquiry that are shared within academia and beyond, and partner with communities, business, and organizations in NH’s North Country to improve quality of life in our region.

We educate students to be open to diverse ways of thinking, acting, and being in the world to start becoming the fullest human beings they can be, to live with intention, critical and reflective thinking, and substantial contributions upon to the world.


The faculty are stakeholders of the university; highly educated and experienced people within their discipline. Collectively they strive to create learners who are informed, productive members of society; driven to be successful in their area of interest. Faculty desire to work in an environment that supports their passion and supports their professional goals.

Staff members utilizing access to PSU’s grad programs to improve their education and skills.

Daily Work

We provide students with daily campus recreation activities to encourage a healthy lifestyle and community involvement which will help them grow as individuals in future endeavors.

We advise students who belong to a wide variety of disciplines, socio-economic backgrounds, age demographics, etc. through unclear or confusing university processes.


We are “widening” the pool of applicants to combat declining enrollments, resulting in a really diverse student body not just in terms of ethnicity and race, but also academic preparedness, socio-economic background, and so on.

We operate within local, rural, state, and northern New England communities, as well as the United States culture and economy, a range of higher education institutions, and a global network.