To begin, we will define four nodes of a Univeristy: mission, stakeholder, daily work, context. Choose one and offer an example below. When constructing your example, be as specific as possible. 

Node Descriptions & Examples


What does the university aspire to achieve? 

What does success look like?


Who are the people invested in the university?

What are their backgrounds: education, socio-economic status, life experiences?

Daily Work

On the ground, what work do we do day-to-day?

What are the complexities of this work? 


What larger frameworks, environments, situations do we operate within? 

What are the complexities of these contexts?

At PSU, we educate students.
At PSU, we educate students so that when they graduate they can succeed in and adapt to the quickly changing world we live in.
The Board of Trustees.
The Board of Trustees, which is comprised of the governor, president of the Senate, speaker of the house, 10 political appointees, 7 alumni of the NH system, 2 current students, 4 current presidents, 2 state commissioners, and chancellor.
We teach classes.
We teach classes in our subject area, for students who may or may not be studying in our discipline, aiming to “cover” a certain amount of content within an arbitrarily defined “semester”
We operate within the NH higher education system.
We are one of four 4-year institutions in NH which collectively compete for a smaller and smaller pool of in-state high school students each year.